• Rosenblatt Swale

    In a residential neighborhood built on sandy loam soils, a resident had a new retaining wall installed to improve her property’s boundary. Just after the construction was finished a sink hole appeared below the new retaining wall. This hole was … Continue reading

  • Smart Slope

    The St. Louis Great Rivers Greenway installed a new of type of retaining wall along its I-370 project in 2011 and 2012. This wall is unique in the industry because it uses a new type of geotextile tie back requiring … Continue reading

  • Margaret Brown

    Margaret Brown Creek Bank Stabilization The city of St. Peters, Missouri has roughly 150 miles of streams and creeks that flow through its city. Over the past fifty years, the growth of St. Peters has meant more roads, sidewalks and … Continue reading

  • High Hampton

    The High Hampton neighborhood is an older St. Louis neighborhood with mature trees and vegetation. ECO Constructors was asked to design a living wall with Filtrexx Vegetated Retaining Walls™ so that the ambiance of the neighborhood would not be disturbed. … Continue reading

  • BJC West Project

    ECO Constructors was contracted to install and maintain erosion control during the construction of the BJC West Hospital. At the end of the project, ECO was contracted to stabilize the site with a permanent seeding application. A Terraseeding application was performed with excellent results. Continue reading

  • Hog Hollow Living Wall

    November 2007, our client needed to stabilize a rocky and very steep slope at the direction of the local municipality. A living wall was installed in order to create a suitable pad for vegetated growth that would stabilize the difficult slope. 12 inch Filtrexx Filtersoxx was injected with seed in order to produce a “grow soxx” and then installed along the slope to create a growth pad. Continue reading

  • Klondike Park Project

    ECO Constructors was contracted through the St. Charles County Department of Parks and Recreation to permanently seed the detention area at Klondike Park. We applied a terraseeding application using compost generated out of St. Charles County with native grasses that turned out beautifully and stabilized the area. Continue reading

  • Taum Sauk Project

    In December of 2005, the Taum Sauk Reservoir located in southern Missouri collapsed releasing a billion-gallon torrent of water in only twenty minutes that swept away and destroyed acres of parkland in the Johnson Shut-ins and spoiled the Black River. Continue reading

  • Paddington Hill Project

    Our client needed to stabilize an area that had been disturbed due to installation of sewer lines. This particular project is located in a municipality that holds strict regulations in regards to storm water compliance and erosion control issues. Continue reading