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Smart Slope

Smart Slope

The St. Louis Great Rivers Greenway installed a new of type of retaining wall along its I-370 project in 2011 and 2012. This wall is unique in the industry because it uses a new type of geotextile tie back requiring less material to achieve structural stability.

The wall also uses recycled material in the form of bottom ash to make the blocks fit with the companies LID theme. Smart Slope also asked Filtrexx™ to develop a SmartSoxx™ that could be used to vegetate the Smart Slope blocks. This planting medium was designed to use a mixture of compost and bottom ash so that the wall could be 100% natural while using recycled materials.

This wall has now stood the test of time. After nine months of being subjected to the weather this new design has shown the wall to be more erosion resistant to the elements while standing out as a green beacon in a brown landscape.



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