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Margaret Brown

Margaret Brown

Margaret Brown Creek Bank Stabilization

The city of St. Peters, Missouri has roughly 150 miles of streams and creeks that flow through its city. Over the past fifty years, the growth of St. Peters has meant more roads, sidewalks and other impervious surfaces being constructed in the city’s part of the Duckett Creek Watershed. The increase in the amount of water sent into the streams and creeks has changed the generally slow and meandering waters into roaring water during major rain events.

The neighborhood along a major street in St. Peters named “Margaret Brown” is composed of single family residences with ¼ acre lots. The lots are vegetated with cool season turf grass lawns. Over the past several years the trees that line the Margret Brown Creek have grown large and have been encroached on by wild honeysuckle. A 16” culvert pipe that runs under a utility easement had been plugged causing the creek to overflow and cut an expanded channel.

In 2011, ECO Constructors of Lake St. Louis was asked to help design a solution to stabilize the creek utilizing a “green” approach. After an assessment it was decided that in order to correct the overflow issues a plug safe inlet extension was needed. This plug free device caused the creek to stay in its channel after its installation through the fall 2011 rainy season. The banks of the creek were then cleared of problem vegetation and the bank was reshaped using a mini-excavator. The sides of the creek were then repaired using the Filtrexx Bank Stabilization™ design and practices. During the installation the Bank Stabilization Soxx™ were seeded with Virginia Wild Rye and plugged with live willow stakes.


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