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Paddington Hill Project

Paddington Hill Project

Our client needed to stabilize an area that had been disturbed due to installation of sewer lines. This particular project is located in a municipality that holds strict regulations in regards to storm water compliance and erosion control issues. The area needing vegetation included a 1:1 slope as well as an outflow area at the bottom of the slope. The primary challenges were to stabilize the area with permanent vegetation and slow the velocity of water in order to prevent erosion and therefore any storm water contamination. Filtrexx Filtersoxx (12 inch) was installed at the top and bottom of the slope area as well as trouble areas in order to slow the velocity of water prior to seeding applications. An application of 1/2 inch compost and seed was then terraseeded onto the slope area and then covered with a coconut blanket and stapled down. The surrounding areas were then terraseeded with one inch application of compost and seed.

Soxx Installation

Final Stabilization

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