ECO Constructors

This certified playground mulch which lies on the playground floor does more than make it aesthetically pleasing.  It makes it SAFE for your children and others playing and having fun. When we see children playing and having fun, we want to know they are safe because accidents do happen. With the proper mulching that ECO Constructors can provide, it creates a soft pad to absorb the impact of a child who falls so they do not fall onto a hard surface. Our certified playground mulch also provides friction for children running around to keep them from slipping and falling. Taking these safety protections will allow the children to have more fun rather than getting hurt from avoidable danger.

Benefits of having your Certified Playground Mulch blown with our trucks

  • Quicker installations; imagine 8 guys with wheelbarrows going back and forth for 1 hour. One of our blower trucks can install the same amount of material as those 8 guys in 1 hour.
  • Our blower truck allows for precise and consistent amount of mulch to be spread versus a wheel borrow is uneven. 
  • The material is distributed evenly.
  • Hard to reach areas are easily accessible.
  • Reduces waste and time
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